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june 18 2011 interested in sponsoring? email

August 12 2012
i didnt race this weekend s i only have somuch funds ,and i will be camping on August 16th to the 19th, I am still looking for some more Sponsors if anyone is willing email or there is a paypal donate button on my siteThank you for all the support from my true frineds and family !
August 4 2012
im hotlaps the car had a miss, we changed fuel filter and spark plugs and the miss went away
heat race started 7th and finished 4th
Feature i startedon the pole and got passed very quickly,although i did pass a few cars back and finished in 11th place ,the motor runs good now except that i need some new heads like camel backs,and possibly some 600 gears
July 31 2012
Saturday night didnt go as planned i rought the car to the track ran Hotlaps and it just did not run good at all so we loaded the car up and watched the races from the stands. I didnt want to take any chances with the motor,so Sunday i decided the camshaft had to go cause i dergreed it evey way i knew how and it just didnt work, so i knew i had a jr motorsports # 8 ca at home so i changed it out out and BINGO it runs like a champ you can feel and hear the differance so this Saturday night at the sibley county fair race at Arlington Raceway ill try it again and i think i will do good come and watch the Lenny Donnay Trucking Outlaw Hobbystock this sat night thank Bill Keech #19
July ,26,2012
Finally good news i got the car running again and have a sponsor,I would like to thank Lenny Donnay Trucking out of Arlington MN, for Sponsoring my race team
i will e racing at Arlington Raceway this Sat. night July 28th wish me luck! thanks to all my fans for supporting my racing efforts Bill Keech Outlaw hobbystock driver #19
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