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Driver: Bill Keech
Hometown: LeCenter MN
DOB:  07/30/1962
Daughter: Jessica
Son: Richard
accomplishments to date:
10 feature wins 1at Redwood Speedway
1 at steele county speedway in owatonna
8 at Arlington Raceway
2000 winner of the Jeff Rucks memorial in the Hobby B class
2nd in points at Redwood Speedway against the Hobby A cars with my Hobby B car
numerous top 10 in points
numerous perfect attendance awards
most improved driver award in Hobby B class at Arlington Raceway in 2000
"CUZ ITS FUN "award at arlington Raceway in Hobby B class in 1997 and Hobby A class in 2004
Racing Experience:
Bombers 1986 - Arlington Raceway
Hobby B 1996 - 2001 Arlington Raceway,Redwood Speedway,Owatonna Raceway
Hobby A: 2002 -present- Arlington Raceway
The Crew (people who helpme in anyway shape or form)
Richard Keech
Dan Scharpe
Matt Scharpe
Lance Ewert
Harry Ewert
Scott Skogberg
Brad Robinson